Press Release

Press Release

We have received with total reprehension a report about the assault of one of our members of staff and wish to inform the public that we have immediately commenced a thorough investigation into the matter in accordance with professional standards and international best practices.

At GTBank Liberia, we do not condone any form of assault in the workplace nor do we compromise on our principle that every GTBank Liberia staff should be able to come to work without fear of violence, abuse or harassment from any member of staff. Indeed, at the core of our values is the premium we put on the welfare of our members of staff and their safety in the workplace.

As a law-abiding organization and corporate citizen, GTBank Liberia maintains a ‘zero tolerance’ attitude towards violence or assault of any kind and we will not hesitate to take action against any staff who is found to be in breach of our strict code of conduct, regardless of their position in the organization. The Bank also maintains very active structures to provide all necessary care and assistance to any member of staff who is a victim of assault.

Once again, we wish to reassure all members of the public that the bank remains committed to ensuring a safe and conducive environment for its staff and providing best-in-class services to its customers.

For the Bank

Alexarda Zoe

Head, Legal/Company Secretary