About the NRL Service

The Non Resident Liberian Service (NRL) from Guaranty Trust Bank provides Liberians the opportunity to have access to a wide range of products and services that the Bank presently offers from anywhere in the world.

These include GTSave (savings account), Smart Kids Save account, Current accounts, our e-Banking services etc. 

Documents Required

Documents Required:

Documents required to access product and services under the NRG Platform

  • Duly completed NRL Account Opening Form
  • One Passport Photograph showing full face forward.
  • A copy of any of the following means of Identification of Signatory:
    • Valid Liberian/ Foreign International passport
    • Valid Foreign Driver’s license of the NRL country of residence or residence permit issued by the Home office of the NRL country of residence .
    • Proof of address abroad - One of the following must be obtained:
      • Receipt/ evidence of foreign utility bill e.g. water rates, telephone bills, or electricity bill in the name of account the holder issued within three (3) months preceding the date of account opening.
      • Recent Foreign bank statement in the name of the account holder issued within three (3) months preceding the date of account opening.
      • Foreign authority tax bill valid for the current year.
  • References should be either of the following:
    • One reference letter obtained from current bankers or bankers confirmation and one reference letter from a current account holder (in Liberia) with a Liberian Bank
    • Two reference letters from current account holders (in Liberia) with Liberian Banks.

The document should be notarized by a Notary Public or Certified by a court, the Liberian Embassy or Consulate, GTBank Staff, including Staff of other GTBank subsidiaries.

Kindly see account opening form below:



  • Scanned copies should be sent to nrb.service@gtbank.com
  • Original copies should be sent to the following address:

    Guaranty Trust Bank (Liberia) Limited,
    P. O. Box 0382, 13th Street,
    Sinkor, Tubman Boulevard, Monrovia
    Tel: +231776498652

    For further inquiries, please contact:

    Customer Service
    Email Us:cosmas.cole@gtbank.com
    Cell number: +231776498652