GTBank operates the Mobile Money service in partnership with LonestarCell/MTN. This is an electronic wallet service that allows you to send and receive money, purchase airtime, pay bills ( LEC, DSTV, School fees), pay salary and many more wherever you are in Liberia. The service is secure, fast, affordable and very convenient for all subscribers.

Key Features and Functions

To register for Mobile Money, fill out an application form at any GTBank branch nationwide with a valid Identification Card (Passport, Driver's license, Voter's Card)

To complete registration:

Dial *156# and press Call/OK

  • A welcome message is received "Welcome to Mobile Money, Please select ID type"

  • Driver's ID, National ID, Passport, Others (School, Church, Work etc.)

  • Select Play/Send

  • Enter ID number eg: 1214

  • Select Play/Send

  • Select PIN code eg: 12345

  • Repeat PIN code eg: 12345

  • Transact:

  • Dial *156# and press Call/OK

The phone gives a menu to select Send Money to, Pay Bill, Buy Airtime, Allow cash out, Manage Account Customer Service

To send money

  • Mobile Money user Non Mobile Money user Favorites

  • Mobile Money user: select 1 Non Mobile Money user: select 2 Favorite: select 3

  • Favorite option is used for saving and accessing numbers you frequently send money to.

To buy airtime

  • Dial *156# and press Call/OK

  • Select 3 to buy airtime and select reply/send

  • Enter the amount you wish to send and select reply/send (eg:70)

  • Enter the Mobile Number Confirm Mobile Number Enter PIN code (eg: 12345)

To cash-out

Allow Cash-out is used when you want to allow a teller or machine to take cash from your Mobile Money Account.

  • Dial *156# and press Call/OK

  • Select 4 for cash out and send

  • Select 1 (Cash-out on)

  • Select 2 (Cash-out off)

  • Enter your PIN code and send/reply

Pay bill

  • Dail *156# and press Call/OK

  • Select 2 for Bill Payment Choose Biller Enter Biller code Enter Amount

  • Enter reference number (Merchant) reference Number)

  • Enter PIN

Manage account

Manage Account is used to check balance, request statement, manage favorites, change account PIN, and web login.

  • To apply any of the above functions, first dial *156# and press Call/OK

  • Select 1 (Check Balance)

  • Select 2 (Request Statements) Select 3 (Manage Favorites)

  • Select 4 (Change account PIN) Select 5 (Web login)